Ralph Lauren for USA…Again?

Ralph Lauren is yet again the designer for Team USA. Bland white pants & shorts, polo shirts and stripped belts are proving to be a snooze fest.  Meanwhile Canada is doing the damn thing with their uniforms designed by Canadian designers DSquared for DSquared2. Stella McCartney and Adidas team up for the United Kingdom. Even Sweden…

Calvin and Kate are Back

I’m late but who cares. A few months ago the public was outraged when Calvin Klein released his 2016 spring ad campaign. I fist thought, who cares, Klein is  basically the originator of racy ads. Like seriously this man has ads that were banned. In Calvin Klein newest print advertisements,  Klein calls on Kate Moss, Kendrick…

#TBT….Eartha Kitt

Reasons why Eartha Kitt is our  Fashionably Spoiled #TBT : Activist Cat Woman Six top US 30 hits Broadway Star Two Emmy Awards Here’s to you Eartha!

Bill Cunningham’s Grand Finale

Bill Cunningham passed away on June 25, 2016. A Harvard drop out, Bill started his career as a hat designer. Cunningham drew his inspiration for his hats from his youth where he spent time in church admiring the women in their  hats rather than listening to the word. With encouragement from his clients Bill decided…

Coach + Mickey Mouse

Coach turns 75 this year! To help them celebrate is no other than Mickey Mouse. This exclusive limited edition collection is set to launch in stores and online June 17th.