Bill Cunningham’s Grand Finale

Bill Cunningham passed away on June 25, 2016. A Harvard drop out, Bill started his career as a hat designer. Cunningham drew his inspiration for his hats from his youth where he spent time in church admiring the women in their  hats rather than listening to the word.

bill making hatsbill 21bill 13hat3bill 15

With encouragement from his clients Bill decided to start writing.  Best known for peddling through the streets of New York in his signature blue jacket, snapping pictures of fashionably spoiled people. Cunningham became a contributor to the Chicago Tribune and Women’s Wear Daily. His best work would be for the New York Times where he authored the iconic articles On The Streets and Evening Hours.

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Bill Cunningham is an Iconic fashion journalist and dare I say first fashion blogger. He will truly be missed.




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