Cocktail Candy

Recently, I had a client who needed  a birthday gift for her friend who loves champagne (my kind of friend.)  A little birdie told me that Sugarfina …Are you ready for this?….You’re not ready….Brace yourself-Champagne Gummy Bears!!!!  But wait there’s more.


Sugarfina is the love child of  Rosie & Josh who thought of the idea on their third date. “Every candy is packaged with love, perfect for giving as a gift or treating yourself.” The Cocktail Candy retails at $8.50 for a small cube, $20 large cube, $45 for 2.5lb.

gold marshmello
Gold Champagne handcrafted  Marshmallow dipped in 24k gold!

But wait there’s more, and by more I mean sale!

MAJOR KEY ALERT: Going on now, in-store only, if you buy three small boxes ($8.99) you’ll get the fourth one free.




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