5 Ways to Revamp Your Closet

People often ask me. “Ash I need to revamp my look. What the first step?” Honestly, you might not want to hear this; but the first step to revamping your wardrobe is revamping your closet.

No wire hangers!matching-velvet-hangers Like for real. Rule #1 to streamlining your closet is to purchase matching velvet hangers.  Not only does it make your closet look amazing but these magic hangers consolidate your closet like no other. Try HIPPIH 50 pack non slip velvet hangers (Amazon $26.99)

Stack your jeans and sweaters. Go vertical.  Utilize your shelves . Hanging jeans and sweaterscloset-with-folded-jeans-432x600 can lead to an overstuffed closet. Try ClosetMate Acrylic Shelf Dividers (Amazon $29.99) for a clean streamlined look.

Stagger your shoes. You can fit more shoes on your shoe self if you stagger them. Face one shoe toe to the front and the matching pair to the back.

Organize by outfit not by type. We tend to organize our closet by color or type. However doing this may cause you to be overwhelmed; or you may not realize exactly what you have in your closet. The beautifully adorned navy blue laced blouse can easily get stuck in between two cotton shirts. Organizing by outfit can also assist you in visualizing different fashion options. You may notice that the beautiful laced navy blouse can be paired with white wide leg pants, pink pencil skirt and jeans.

-fashion-words-fashion-quotesWhen in doubt let it go. When cleaning your closet, go through each item. Think, does it fit? Do I love it? Is this the image I’m trying to project? If the answer to all these questions is yes…Keep it! If not let it go. Try placing a small laundry basket in your closet. Label it “give away.” Every time you try on an item of clothing that doesn’t work for you put it in the basket. At the end of each month review your “give away” basket. separate clothes into two piles sell and donate.  This is a super simple way to edit your closet each month.



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